How to get our help
09 august 2023
How to get our help

Having applied to us, patient or physician can receive assistance in obtaining necessary medicines, covering cost of some tests and analysis and expert consultations.

ANTIAIDS Foundation provides charitable help for people living with HIV/AIDS by procuring medicine for opportunistic infection treatment according to the following criteria/requests:

  • submission of the HIV-positive state reference;
  • submission of the official application letter from the patient or treatment institution where the patient is registrated or the letter from partner NGO;
  • urgent case (we give priority in covering medicine costs for the patient life saving, and aid to children and pregnant women);
  • medical case record or other official document from medical institution which confirms prescription of the medicine.

Foundation does not provide financial means; the one applied would receive medicines, recommended by medical institution or doctor in charge. Foundation doesn’t support procurement of vitamins and biologically active additives.

To receive charitable help from the Foundation, patient / NGO should provide:

  • copy of the patient passport
  • copy of the patient ID code.

For the information about amount of aid already provided by the Foundation, please, visit Supporting people and The direct help to people living with HIV/AIDS.

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