Our response to the war in Ukraine
Our response to the war in Ukraine
Our response to the war in Ukraine
The Olena Pinchuk Foundation responds to Ukraine's humanitarian challenges by implementing projects that focus on mental health support, rehabilitation, provision of hospital equipment, and delivering medical assistance in conflict zones.
In 2014, in the early days of the war, , Olena and Victor Pinchuk initiated the Medsanbat project to train military medics in accordance with NATO standards. By the end of 2015, Medsanbat had trained over 5,000 individuals across 40 sessions throughout Ukraine, including in war-torn areas. During this period, 150 military doctors and healthcare workers received special backpacks filled with more than 100 items, enabling them to administer first aid and even perform minor surgeries.
As the full-scale invasion began, under Elena and Victor Pinchuk’s initiative, armored ambulances, meeting the STANAG 4569 standard, were dispatched to the hottest spots on the frontline.
The Foundation purchased and delivered 20 generators to civilian hospitals ,
along with expensive medicines and medical supplies. These included purchases for the Lviv Perinatal Center amounting to UAH 289,302.99; wound-healing medicines for the OHMADYT hospital worth UAH 77,200; and broad-spectrum medicines for home first aid kits for the organization supporting people living with HIV, "100 percent life", for a total of UAH 942,436.04. Furthermore, the Olena Pinchuk Foundation purchased and donated high-end VAC therapy devices to treat severe body injuries costing EUR 31,839.67. These devices were delivered to the polytrauma department of the Kyiv Clinical Hospital № 17.
They also supplied food packages worth UAH 4.5 million to HIV-positive families.
Moreover , Olena and Victor Pinchuk launched the national project RECOVERY. This project aims to provide rehabilitation, prosthetic assistance and treatment for those severely wounded during the war. In its first phase, 10 RECOVERY centers will be set up, equipped with modern physiotherapy devices and special equipment for physical rehabilitation.
In 2022, the Olena Pinchuk Foundation partnered with FAST, the largest provider of first aid training in Ukraine. Every month, Dialog Hub offers free first aid training sessions for civilians. These skills empower individuals with the capacity to save lives before the arrival of an ambulance, covering scenarios from war-related injuries to everyday emergencies, such as car accidents, cardiac arrests, falls down the stairs, among other injuries.